Our Skills & Expertise

Gladden Safety was founded in 2003 by Woodrow Gladden Jr. after a thirty year career with OSHA. In the beginning, the company successfully assisted clients with OSHA compliance, program management, workplace safety training and expert witness testimony. Over time, Gladden Safety has grown to be a consolidated safety management solution. This has been accomplished using two key elements:

Specialized Network

A client and its Environmental, Health and Safety needs can vary tremendously. No one EHS professional has the knowledge and/or experience to always offer the most beneficial solution. This is why Gladden Safety has constructed a network of specialized EHS Professionals. This network allows the company to offer a myriad of solutions, regardless of the subject matter or industry.

Online Solutions

Managing a Safety and Training Program can be cumbersome. In order to improve compliance and efficiency, Gladden Safety offers customizable safety management software and online workplace safety training. Not only is there proven benefits in using these platforms, the company assists with implementation and management.

Our goal is to provide you with a full arsenal of tools to keep your employees safe. Let us assist you in maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance, and in decreasing your overall risk and liability.