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Why eLearning?

Why eLearning?

eLearning Is Essential

Everyday more and more organizations are actively implementing eLearning, as they are starting to realize just how beneficial these platforms can really be. Elearning can help organizations improve and stand out from the competition, simply because it provides employees with outstanding opportunities to learn and improve their skills.

Learning and development are crucial because, as employees learn and grow, they become more satisfied with their jobs and they want to push their limits and contribute to the company’s success. Before you know it, business is growing, and it’s all because of employees who were empowered to go the extra mile and help their organization thrive.

No matter the industry or niche, eLearning can help accomplish an organizations goals and why it has become so popular in the business world. Here are some key reasons why eLearning has become absolutely essential.

1. Speeding Up Employee Training

ELearning can significantly reduce employee training time. It enables much faster and convinient delivery because employees can access eLearning material in multiple sittings and can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — to better accommodate their busy schedule. Also, elearning can be completley mobile, training can take place on the road, in a restaurant, or any other place that is internet-accessible.

2. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is often the main reason why companies switch from traditional classroom-based training to eLearning. In-house training can to be very expensive, primarily because of the need for a professional trainer to deliver it. Elearning is more affordable than traditional classroom training, with savings of 60% or more. It requires only an online training platform that is not just cost-effective, but also enables employees to train at home. This translates to much lower costs related to travel, training venues, learning material, and trainers, not to mention that eLearning almost immediately leads to lower costs by speeding up employee training.

3. Maximizing Knowledge Retention

Maximizing knowledge retention is one of the most rewarding benefits of eLearning. ELearning can increase knowledge retention rate by up to 60%, simply because it is much more engaging than learning in a traditional classroom setting.

Since eLearning provides employees with various types of interactive content and multimedia, they can retain much more of what they learn and improve their skills and performance quickly. You can include games and provide them with interactive quizzes and activities that enable real-time feedback, which will all create an effective learning environment where employees can truly learn and improve.

Why Has eLearning Become A Must-Have?

There is no doubt that elaearniong can provide learners with an exceptionally rich learning experience. But, how has eLearning become such an important part of the corporate world, and why is it rapidly growing in popularity?

The previously discussed reasons show precisely why eLearning is essential, and why a growing number of organizations are adopting the approach to employee training. However, perhaps the most valued reason why it has emerged as a must is the fact that it significantly increases revenue and Return On Investment (ROI).

Over 40% of companies say that eLearning has helped them to boost revenue levels, and the companies that offer training using technology (including eLearning) have generated more than 25% higher revenue per employee.

Given all of these facts and benefits that online learning provides, it really is clear that eLearning is absolutely essential in today’s fast-paced environment. It represents the most effective way of learning and helps organizations create high-quality employee training at a lower cost, empowering their workforce to keep improving and be genuinely excited about learning. As a result, they are more engaged and satisfied with their jobs, and therefore more likely to contribute to higher revenue and ROI.

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